20170222_205046What Hot Sauce is this Tasty Taco getting Tonight!

Like Pavlov’s dog, every Tuesday we crave Tacos! All things Taco…anything thing Taco.  Soft, Crunchy, Flour, Corn. Beans, Rice, Chicken, Beef or Carnitas? We want Tacos! Some love all the toppings like Onions, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Fresh Peppers, Shaved Lettuce and oh yea… Guacamole! But the real question is “What Hot Sauce is this Tasty Taco getting Tonight!” There are so many choices but so little time. How many times have you reached for the bottle poured the contents and engulfed your hand made Taco Treat only to be completely disappointed! “Life is too short to eat crappy Hot Sauce!” Chef/Owner Matt Sisson explained. “Thats why Ghost Scream Hot Sauce was created! I just got tired of wasting a delicious meal on bad Hot Sauce!” Ghost Scream uses only the Freshest Ingredients, not powders or extracts to create our unique flavor! With Ghost Scream Hot Sauce you can taste the Natural Freshness and not a dusty, dry powder that most Hot Sauce companies use. So when you hear Pavlov’s bell next Tuesday reach for the Tasty Sauce…reach for Ghost Scream Hot Sauce!

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